Welcome to the Belgian site of the Pfranc network! It all started in 1996, when Larry Berg needed connectors for his Garmin® GPS receiver. As none was available, he decided to make his own mold, and started to produce and distribute them from his home place of Murphy, Oregon.

Today, the offer has developed into a wide range of accessories which help you get the most of your Garmin® GPS. And they're available in no less than 45 countries, thanks to a network of 61 distributors (called Pfrancs) around the Globe. But the spirit has stayed the same, as well as our motto: To quote Larry, we're here “to get Garmin-compatible connectors from my molding machine to anyone who needs one, fast and easy”.

On this site, we also try to provide information to help making your GPS experience more exciting. Most of this information relies on your valued contribution: if you have some great idea you'd like to share, please feel free to submit it for our Tips & Tricks pages.

The eCombo is a combo cable for the eTrex and eMap families. It features a 3V power supply for cigarette ligher, and a DB9 connector for your laptop.

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Due to the success of our ready-made cables, some models have temporarily a longer delivery time. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to return to a normal situation early in January.

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